Luxury Brands


ADMIRAL WORLD is an exlusive distributor for some of the leading European Luxury & Lifestyle consumer goods in the Middle East and North Africa. Our goal is to provide our  customers access to some of the world's finest products. We seek out manufacturers with a drive to deliver the finest products and a desire to folow what with world class customer service. 

We thrive on the founding principles of fashion, innovation and quality, and integrate these principles in our selected brands for a vibrant portfolio of understated luxury, uniqe design, state of the art technology and contemproary style. 

ADMIRAL WORLD team takes pride in having the portfolio of distinguished European brands, all of which are well know internationally for their style and quality:

  • Julius Bluthner Pianos - one of the world's oldest and leading piano manufactures from Germany 
  • Blacklight Toulet - ultimate luxury pool tables from France 
  • CICLOTTE  - modern style excersize bikes from Italy 
  • Luminarc - largest producer of homeware and kitchenware products from france 
  • Russian Caviar House - leading producer of authentic Russian Black Caviar from Russia